Forget Your Closet - Keep Your Home Trendy Too

This time of year typically brings a refresh of your closet and wardrobe to keep up with current trends and styles, but what about your home - specifically your bathroom? Bathrooms greet us in the morning and are where we prepare to say goodnight. Keeping them updated is also beneficial for ensuring homeowners are getting a return on their investment should they decide to sell. There are several 2021 design trends that are here to stay and with Fantini’s help, incorporating them is easier than you might imagine.


Maximalism is the idea of combining a wide variety of elements, some even mismatching, into one design while simultaneously rejecting the past trend of minimalism. One way to recreate this in your own home is through the use of Fantini’s decadent and colorful collections, for example, the Venezia collection is both luxe and adds an extra pop of color.


Pantone’s colors of the year for 2021 are yellow and gray, and they are just as easy to incorporate into bathroom design as they are to pair together. Fantini uses light therapy to bathe the user in soft yellow light through their innovative Acquadolce collection. This collection has several ambient light options, which refresh a space and make it more visually dynamic.


The biophilic design trend is also here to stay, and this style values the natural world. Biophilia is centered on bringing plants, nature, and greenery directly into a living space. Standing plants in an area, specifically the bathroom, are fantastic for boosting moods and helping plants thrive. Fantini’s Plano collection is the perfect complement to this elemental style.

Reem Alawar

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