Put a Ring on it!

alt There are a lot of steps that go into creating your perfect vanity. First you have to find the right style of vanity, the perfect finish, the counter top, and of course, the hardware. You want to be sure that the hardware you choose will work with the overall design and fit seamlessly into your piece. As is The Furniture Guild's tradition, they have a wide selection of vanity hardware available. So with all of these options, how do you choose?

Well lucky for you, we love to break things down to give you the full picture of what we have to offer. We hope that in the long run, this will make the decision making process a little bit easier for you.
alt The first hardware options we are going to look at, are our ring pulls. These little beauties are the perfect option if you like sophisticated glam and understated class. Made from solid brass construction, our ring pull hardware comes in both round and square options and seven different metal finishes. Our ring pulls can bring a classic touch to a modern vanity or spice up a transitional look with some retro flair. While these pulls look good on just about any vanity, we think they look best on our Hayden and Edwin designs.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these gorgeous vanities outfitted with our stunning ring pull hardware.



For Full Blog Post Visit The Furniture Guild Written by: Shelby Harris

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