Creating Your at-home Spa Oasis

Clean lines, chrome or colorful finishes, neutral tiles, patterned tiles...there are so many design choices to be made when creating your dream, spa-like bathroom. Whether your style is minimalist or maximalist, one aspect needs to stay the same: it must be a place to rejuvenate. Fantini’s bathroom fixtures and shower systems meet an array of design tastes and are created with relaxation in mind. Here are a few of our favorite pieces that are sure to create the bathroom of your dreams.
alt A rainfall shower head boasts many benefits. The shape is intended to do as it’s name suggests: mimic rain, which allows for the water to flow out more centered over your body and creates a soothing effect. Pictured here is Milano shower head that allows for a rainfall shower experience.

alt Acquapura is an impressive shower system featuring a waterfall shower head, body sprays and a hand shower. Each feature offering a unique shower experience, and allowing one to surround themselves with warm water. The body sprays (as pictured) create a hydrotherapeutic experience and are great for soothing muscle and joint pains.
alt Finding the time to take a bath is not always easy, but the benefits are endless. The Milano collection was designed to not distract, and to compliment all interiors. The collection adds modern elegance to the at-home spa and creates a seamless soaking experience.

Reem Alawar

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