The Benefits of a Shower: Whether it’s hot or cold

Our bodies often crave a hot shower, especially during winter - but there are many benefits to taking a cold shower as well. Fantini designs help create an inviting and peaceful environment for whatever shower experience you might choose. Below are some benefits of both cold and hot showers to consider.
alt A cold shower can help you wake up in the morning. In the Vojdani Residence, Interior Consultant, Davis Leichsenring chose Fantini’s Acquadolce rainfall showerhead and Mint fixtures to create a contemporary shower environment. What used to be a dark bathroom, is now full of light and energy to wake you up.
alt A cold shower can help soothe muscles. Louis Béliveau wanted to create an open and modern environment in this Montreal home. The master bathroom shower features the Fantini I Balocchi collection to provide a visual pop against the white tiling. The large shower offers plenty of room to stretch during a cold shower.
alt The steam from a hot shower can help open pores and detoxify your skin. When designing this Greenwich Village Loft, Architect Robert Kahn chose Fantini’s Riviera collection to create a sophisticated and modern spa-like environment. The master bathroom shower features two wall-mounted shower heads and multiple body sprays to create the ultimate steamy environment.
alt A hot shower can relieve migraines. According to Time Magazine a hot shower can help relieve migraine pain and symptoms. Fantini’s Mare collection shower offers a cozy place for retreat.

Reem Alawar

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