Black is Back

Black isn’t back, it never left. Whether your client is looking for an edgy aesthetic in their project, or you need to contrast the amount of brightness in a space, black is a staple shade to use. In the bathroom, black fixtures or tile are one of the most versatile ways to incorporate a little darkness without overwhelming the room with it. Here are a few examples of black bathrooms with Fantini fixtures for inspiration:


Pictured in Whipple Russel’s Georgina Ave. house project: Venezia was exactly what the homeowner was looking for: “For the interior finishes, we needed stunning, modern, bold fixtures for every bathroom that reflected the open, modern, edgy aesthetic of the home.”


Designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, the sophisticated lines of Venezia, combined with sleek and shiny black Murano Glass handles, exude elegance from every perspective.


Though the fixtures are a traditional chrome, we love the black and grey tile that Architect Jack Wettling incorporated into this Central Park West Residence. On his use of Fantini, “The design is elegant yet practical, and the forms compliment the design and materials of the overall space while also managing to stand alone as an artful focal point.”


Did you know Fantini fixtures are now available in Matte Gun Metal–a refined, dark finish it’s been most popular across collections like Icona, Milano and AF/21.

Audrey Loder

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