Four Home Design Trends For 2019

Copper and Brass Accents

Out with the old, in with the new. Say goodbye to polished nickel and welcome more brass and copper tones into your home. Earthy colors and metals are a trend evident in many aspects of the home, adding a more natural look.
alt California Faucets

Trough Sinks

Also known as bucket sinks, these sinks add a vintage touch to any bathroom. The farmhouse trend that was popular in 2018 will continue to bloom into all areas of the home. Whether you add a farmhouse sink to your kitchen or a trough sink in your powder room, vintage is definitely the way to go for 2019.
alt Alape Bucket Sink

Matte Finishes

Matte finishes have found a way into many design aspects in late 2018 and they are here to stick around. Adding matte black into your kitchen and bathroom is a huge trend we are seeing from our vendors across the board. Mixing and matching different brands will not be an issue when it comes to matte black finishes.
alt Crosswater London Wall-mount Faucet

Natural Elements

Adding plants and greenery is always a great suggestion for almost any room in the home. Although in 2019 you will begin to see this trend expand into more than just plantlife, but rather tables, countertops, and physical furnishings. Even this Travertine tub from Stone Forest can be a great addition of natural elements in your home.
alt Stone Forest Bathtub

Reem Alawar

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