Storm Cell System—Are You Storm Ready?

We have been informed from numerous friends, family and customers who have experienced property damage during our recent encounter with tropical weather this season. An influx of rain (some places experienced 6 inches in one day) left many basements or crawl spaces flooded. While some houses are previously equipped with pump systems to remove floodwater—these pumps require electricity to operate. With trees and power lines down all over due to high winds, many homes were left without power for days—hence not being able to use their pump systems.

The Storm Cell system by Liberty Pumps:

This Liberty Pumps Storm Cell system uses a marine type, water-proof battery to power your emergency pump for these exact types of situations. One can even upgrade the pump's audible alarm to their NightEye system. Which will then notify you and/or your plumber that the system has failed or operated. The NightEye application is free in the Apple and Google Play Store.

This whole package system comes pre-assembled for quick installation. This system can offer the confidence and peace of mind that makes expensive property damage from floodwater a thing of the past! Contact the Wilkinson Sales Team to make your home or business storm ready!

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Reem Alawar

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