Five Ways To Spice Up Your Rental Property

Whether you are renting a home, apartment, or even a dorm room, these five tips on upgrading without violating any lease agreements are sure to add some personality to your living space.

1. Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets alt Delta Faucet

Switching out a builder grade faucet for a more modern and stylish one is a simple upgrade that can add a sleek touch to any kitchen or bathroom.

2. Shower Fixtures alt Delta Showerhead

Enhancing your shower with a new fixture can create a luxurious touch, similar to this two in one rain shower head with five different settings.

3. Rugs and Decor alt Surya Rug

A rug is a definite statement piece, whether you are adding it to a hardwood floor or even a plain carpeted floor. Don't be afraid to layer and overlap your carpets, creating a piece of art on your floor. The addition of vases, plants, and other decor items are always great ways to enrich a space.

4. Light Fixtures alt Troy Lighting by Hudson Valley Lighting Group

Replacing a can style of light will definitely upgrade any space. Light fixtures are major statement pieces in any home.

5. Cabinet Hardware alt Rocky Mountain Hardware

Although this may seem simple and overlooked, the right cabinet hardware can create a major boost to the style and worth of an item. Especially changing hardware in places where guests are more likely see, like the kitchen.

These are all straightforward upgrades, yet they definitely create a large statement. Most of these improvements can be installed on your own, however hiring an electrician or plumber can be recommended for certain projects.

Reem Alawar

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