Our State to Plate:Peanut Butter Cake

There is something about fresh baked goods that warms the soul. Certain scents in general can just transpose you to a different moment in time. At Wilkinson, we love to play with this idea and utilize our showroom kitchen to cook and bake. Not only do we demonstrate how intuitive the appliances are, but we are left with an amazing aroma and delicious treats. We tried something new and utilized a recipe found in an Our State magazine, called ‘School Days Peanut Butter Cake’.
The showroom sure did smell amazing, it smelled so great you could taste it. We closely followed the recipe throughout, except for two steps. Instead of salted butter, we used unsalted butter and felt that it tasted great. Also, the recipe for the frosting calls for softened butter, which we forgot to leave out to soften. Luckily, we realized it would not matter whether it was softened or cold since it was to be melted on the stove in the next step. Lastly, we were so eager to try a slice we did not wait for the cake to fully cool before digging in. Warm. Gooey. Mmm.

Here are a few ways we thought you could alter the recipe: adding banana to the cake could add more flavor to the mix, rather than a straight peanut butter cake. We also thought of either adding chocolate chips to the cake or creating some sort of chocolate frosting and/or ganache instead of the peanut butter frosting. You could even put both the peanut butter frosting with a chocolate drizzle, really the possibilities are endless! Overall, the recipe is very simple to follow and versatile if you would like to add your own twist on it.

Reem Alawar

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