Shades of Red for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and that has inspired us here at Wilkinson. Red is the quintessential color of the big V-Day and of love itself — not to mention a popular choice as a kitchen accent color. With red on the mind, we decided to do a roundup of our favorite home products that come in a vibrant red.

For the Kitchen

Red BlueStar Appliances

Image: BlueStar

BlueStar is a fantastic appliance company that manufactures commercial-grade appliances that look great in your home — especially with a splash of color. This all red kitchen is totally envy-worthy. BlueStar appliances are also available in countless other colors.

Red AGA Range

Image: AGA Marvel

If something a bit more vintage is your preference, look no further than an AGA cooker. AGA cookers give you lots of control over heat distribution and temperature. Plus, much like BlueStar appliances, AGA cookers are highly customizable, both in format and in color.

Red Delta Kitchen Faucet

Image: Delta

If you're looking for a more subtle way to add some color to your kitchen, try this red-accented kitchen faucet by Delta.

Red Environite Photo

Image: Erik Ladd Productions

A custom recycled glass countertop or tabletop from Environite Southeast is another awesome way to bring some color into your kitchen.

Red Elkay Sink

Image: Elkay

If a full countertop is too much red for you, try adding some color to your sink. Elkay offers this gorgeous Quartz Luxe sink in a variety of colors — but the red is the best and the boldest.

For the Bathroom

Red Zucchetti Tub and Tub Filler

Image: Zucchetti

This modern red tub and tub filler combination from Zucchetti is the perfect way to make a bold statement in an otherwise ordinary bathroom.

Red Zucchetti Lav Faucets

Image: Zucchetti

Also by Zucchetti, these red wall-mounted lavatory faucets add a modern, colorful touch to any bathroom.

Red Zucchetti Vanity and Sink

Image: Zucchetti

With Zucchetti, the third time is just as charming as the first. This red console sink with integrated storage is sure to dress up any plain powder room or bathroom.


Nuvo Red Pendant 1

Image: Nuvo Lighting

Adding a bit of red in any room is possible with this red statement pendant from Nuvo Lighting.

Nuvo Red Pendant 2

Image: Nuvo Lighting

If you'd like a red Nuvo light, but prefer something a bit more industrial in style, try this pendant from the brand's lineup.

We could go on listing the countless red design options that are available, but you get the idea. If you'd like to see additional options or get some pricing on what you see here, visit us anytime at

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