Top Silver Hardware Picks for 2017

The perfect addition to any new home or remodel project in 2017 is sleek silver hardware. We've seen finishes come and go, but silver (and the many varieties it encompasses) is a timeless classic.

The hardware industry is always expanding and the number of options is truly endless. So, to reduce some of the stress of curating beautiful hardware, we've selected our top silver picks for 2017. Click each image below for a better view and more information.

From crystal to iron, 2017 will see statement silver hardware come to the forefront. Remodel and renovation projects will be able to bring cabinets back to life with a new finish and bold silver hardware. If you're having trouble selecting hardware or just don't know where to begin, stop by one of our showrooms for help.

Audrey Loder

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Raleigh, NC

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