New Miele Flagship Showroom opens in Tyson Corner

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On October 13th, I visited Tyson Corner, outside of Washington DC, to help celebrate the opening of a new Miele flagship showroom.  This is going to be a great resource for both our sales consultants & customers.

At this location, only about 4.5 hours from Raleigh, Miele shows all of their products live and encourages the public to come in & try them out before purchase.

They highlighted the launch of the new Miele ranges & range tops!  So exciting for the US market!


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We have ordered our new range for display here in Raleigh.

Come see Wilkinson for more information regarding what Miele has to offer!

Beautiful Bathroom Rehab



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Is it finally time to take the leap & remodel your bathroom?

We all have that bathroom with the floral toilet seat cover.  The one that we say every time we enter “I really need update this room” and then 5 years later we still haven’t changed it.  It’s almost like over time we become numb to the outdated design.

Now is the time make your dreams a reality!  Look how fabulous this bathroom remodel in Raleigh turned out!

We love the combination of the Ronbow vanity, Alchemy burnished fossil glass vessel sink, and Delta vessel faucet that this designer & howmeowner used to update this bathroom.

The tile that they chose to top off the wainscoting is a lovely accent, and the wall color with the contemporary piece of art they selected really finishes the room off.

Thank you to Susannah West for the images!

(Re) Connect Over Family Meals


As everyone makes their way into back-to-school routines we start to nest more. Gone are lazy days and the thrill of spontaneity. While Mother Nature still blasts heat into the September air around here, we do start to longingly covet fall. It’s the time of year we hunker down, revert to routines, embrace structure, and enjoy family meals.

There’s no shortage of press about the value of “Sunday dinner” and eating together as a family instead of on the run. Experts tell us that cooking at home is healthier and more affordable than eating out. Sure, there are time crunches and daily activities that get in the way, but no one said a home cooked meal and sitting together as family must be a gourmet experience. There’s just something to be said for tuning out electronics instead of each other.

A kitchen is the heart of the home, after all. Having a well stocked pantry along with appliances and a space that inspires you to cook and eat is what it takes to really make a house a home. Reconnect over family meals. With the right appliances and kitchen set up, you’ll be drooling over more than your meal.

Refresh Your Laundry Room


No one enjoys doing laundry. Once you have kids, laundry becomes the rock and you become Sisyphus. Spray. Wash. Scrub. Spray again. Dry. Repeat.

The laundry room has been relegated to basement dungeons, adding drudgery to the task. On the other end of the spectrum are gloriously sunny laundry rooms on Pinterest. Truth be told, those laundry rooms seem way too nice to house smelly socks and muddy baseball pants. Most people would delight in a cheerful room that makes the labor of laundry more palatable. Let’s be honest, it’s never going to be fun.

But we can make the laundry room a pleasant place. There are myriad options to add some zing. Appliances come in brights colors these days, and style and function are no longer mutually exclusive. We have loads of laundry room utility sinks and appliances to help lighten your load.

Kitchen Before & After Tells a Story


There’s that old adage about a picture telling a thousand words. Well, when you see these photos, you’ll see a whole lot more. Six months of design sketches, product decisions, labor, and likely some tears blended with the sweat, mingle to tell the story of this  kitchen remodel. The best happy ending is a happy home owner!


Anna Suttle of Proper Perspective could tell you the whole story. 

Buh-Bye Boring Bathroom

IMG_8106 IMG_8710

For much too long homeowners have regarded bathroom fixtures as utilitarian equipment. White porcelain has been de rigueur, with the exception of the blues and pinks of the 1940s-1950s. At least avocado green and mustard yellow stayed put in the kitchen during their 70s heyday.

Today bathrooms are regarded as a homeowner’s sanctuary. Hotel and spa styles are popping up in homes, and options are available in all price ranges. Bathroom styles have broadened to the far reaches of ultra modern to fashionista chic to historic traditional. Customers don’t have to be complacent anymore, settling for the plain “matchy-matchy” bathrooms of days gone by.

One unique signature piece in a bathroom makes a strong design statement. Just think of the wow factor of those tubs pictured above! Style and Function have finally married, giving homeowners many more options and opportunities to showcase their own taste.

Orange You Glad Fall’s Coming?

It’s only August, yet summer seems to be slipping away, gradually and wistfully, as she does. We got a taste of autumn’s crispness in a welcome blast of cool air over the weekend. But we are not fooled. The heat will hang on. That one day, however, leaves us with a more keen sense of the season to come. As the weather cools down, design and remodel projects heat up.

We aren’t suggesting you bid farewell to summer delights just yet.

But think about fall inspiration as you dream about and plan your next projects. Nothing conjures up fall’s cool factor (literally and figuratively) like orange.

We happen to have a thing for orange.

There are loads of ways to inject color into your home, and don’t shy away from doing something bold. All it takes is a pop. Imagine this Blue Star range as the centerpiece in your kitchen. What inspires your design choices? Do tell.

Containers to Countertops — Recycled Glass Countertops


Countertops are one of the most important intersections of style and function. Whether in your kitchen, bathroom, or just about anywhere you need functional flat space, the countertops you choose should look as good as they perform. Gone are the days of just laminate and tile options. Now a whole host of options are out there to stun consumers. We are partial to recycled glass countertops, known as Environite

We are all looking for ways to make choices that are sustainable, green, environmentally friendly, call it what you will. Recycled glass is a fantastic option. 

Locally made and locally sourced, Environite™ countertops provide a sustainable product using recycled glass destined for the landfill. Your countertop is made to order and manufactured to your specifications, meaning there is 80% less waste than with other countertop materials. Its focus on local recycled content and local manufacturing minimizes the environmental impact.

Just look at those jewel tones of glass up there. It’s mind boggling to think that something so simple and ubiquitous can become something so beautiful. Here’s just a slice of options available.



We can create any shape or contour to suit your design needs. Come see more samples in our showroom!




This is what we call a Transformation!



Totally transforming a space can be a daunting task, one that requires vision and a healthy dose of pluck. The photo above is from a massive historic renovation in downtown Raleigh’s Cameron Park neighborhood. The 1920 home was originally built as a duplex and saw the years pass in various states of disrepair. It was most recently home to nine friars who used the house as a dormitory of sorts. The original kitchens had been long gone (and truthfully, who knows what shape they were after the house was a fraternity for several years!). The  new homeowners crossed their fingers and embarked on the historic renovation. Their goal was to maintain the historic bones of the house while adding in pops of modern touches. The home now reflects their style and lends itself to entertaining, which is de rigueur for this family.

The homeowners turned the outdated kitchen into a butler’s pantry and wet bar. Feast your eyes on the transformation!




Featured items from Hansgrohe and Environite.

Designer’s Touch Transforms Master Bath

This 1970’s ranch home needed a master bathroom facelift. The challenge was to take the existing master bath, which by today’s standards is very small, and turn it into an oasis for the homeowner. To create the master suite, designer Kathy Lynn Gariboldi of reInvented Spaces combined the square footage of two existing bedrooms to create a spacious master bedroom, walk-in closet, and expanded master bathroom. The client envisioned a calm, serene space that blended classic traditional with a fresh, modern twist. Kathy Lynn, along with the building expertise of Blue Ribbon Construction, delivered the oasis the homeowner was looking for.  Check out the transformation! DSC00423 DSC00424 DSC00425 DSC_6891_edited-1 DSC_6430_edited-1 DSC_6446_edited-1 DSC_6683_edited-1 DSC_6887_edited-1 Share your design story with us. You too could be featured right here!

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